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Press Release Dissemination

Press Release dissemination is one of the most cost-effective mediums of brand promotion. Press Releases are disseminated when you have to disclose some information for public knowledge. For the latest updates, financial results, media notes during crises, admission notices, and many such events, the press release is circulated in almost all or region-specific news magazines and papers. A press note with all the necessary information is prepared and then translated in all regional languages before disseminating it for publication. This mode of publicity is generally used, when one way of communication is required.

Press Conference

A Press Conference needs the expertise of an event. For the grand launch of any product or service, for any celebrity event, promotion of a TV Serial, book or album or for the repair of losses during crisis, Press Conference provides best medium of public interaction. It offers a two way communication for spreading your word and conveying your message. To organize a press conference, one should be prepared to face media and answer their questions. A PR agency plays a vital role in handling media queries and creating a favourable environment for brand. It works as a channel between brand and media professionals deftly conveying the right message for brand.

Copywriting and content development

Copywriting is the most essential element for any brand campaign. An effective copy with deft writing skills capable of persuading people sink or rightly get out of the scene is an art of strategically delivering words to get people take actions. This art comes with practice and experience. Our expert writers are continuously involved in creating most compelling copies for our clients and helping them establish most impressive verbal communication with their target audience. In addition, we also provide news making and general content development services to our clients so that they are able to circulate their information through different channels of communication.


India is a diverse nation. It has many languages and dialects specific to different regions and therefore every region has its own set of communication mediums with its own language set. If you convey your message to any region of India, it's better to circulate it in its own language. The major problem before companies with centralized offices is they don't have resources to prepare their content in all languages pertaining to the region they are operating in. It's neither feasible nor holistic. A better way to it is to get the original content translated in regional languages properly.


To help our client in their task, we provide translation services for almost all major languages in India.

General Campaigns

We also offer services and man power support for general events and campaigns. You can call our professionals and be assured that your operations will be taken care of expertly. We have strong ground support and local knowledge of the regions we operate in. Our experts can work out most cost effective solutions for your promotional campaigns and give you a controlling hand on your operations. We work in different parts of India with specific interest in central and western India, so as to offer comprehensive and diverse solutions to our clients.

Crisis Handling

During crisis, we first work as an agent to stop any further loss to your reputation and then try to repair the losses that have already been done. We promptly come into action as every passing second could do more harm than done and start reconstructing your damaged reputation.

Under crisis operations, a PR agency plays most important role in mending the damaged image and then re-establishing the brand with its previous dignity. Our experts keep discussing and finding the best possible ways and negotiations in favour of brand.

Media Monitoring

To compete and edge ahead in the market, brands need to be aware of contemporary developments around them. The knowledge of people's taste and media's inclination forms the most important information for brands. In addition, how other similar brands are operating in market and what their performance is, need to be followed before finalizing further strategy in a particular market. Our team helps clients in monitoring media for long and help them to understand the performance of other brands as well as their own operations. We offer genuine and real time reports to them.

Celebrity Management

Celebrity Management is very crucial for a brand before inviting any celebrity as it directly connects to its appearance and media and public perception. This job is as important as creating and managing a brand and strategising a brand promotion. Everything needs to be planned in sync with the image of the brand you are promoting. Before planning a celebrity activity, it is imperative to consider his or her media perception, endorsements and public appearances, as well as industry's current state of affairs.

As a celebrity Manager for our clients, we keep updated with the latest trends in the industry to plan and schedule promotional launches, parties and personal appearances of celebrities as well as negotiate endorsements.

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